School Profile

El Puente High School

The primary goal of El Puente High School (EPHS) is to provide an alternative academic setting to the comprehensive high school for the purpose of remediating credit deficiencies, complete courses for original credit, and returning those students to FHS. Students identified as being off-track for FHS graduation are identified at the end of their 10th grade year and are transferred to El Puente High School. At EPHS, students report to school each day as a class and take courses online through a web-based program called Acellus. These core courses through Acellus are A-G approved for CSU and UC systems admissions purposes and students can accelerate their credit-earning potential in order to reintegrate back at FHS for their senior year. A certificated teacher supervises the students, monitors their progress throughout the day, and offers tutorial assistance if students need further clarity and background knowledge in order to complete their lessons. This is very important in that graduation rates and dropout rates are critical metrics for our LCAP and the state's School Accountability Dashboard. The high rate of student success is partly attributed to holding monthly parent/student conferences to review grades, attendance, discipline/behavior, and credits earned beyond their regular direct instruction classes. This systematic monitoring and review of El Puente students ensures a layer of accountability for both students and staff and appears to assist students and parents in completing their academic and behavioral goals.


As a "continuation" high school, the program has improved dramatically over the years and continues to develop into an important component in FLDUSD’s multi-tiered system of supports for all students. Staff at El Puente do not see students as "at-risk", but rather as "at-promise", as they have the many systems of support that are necessary for success at all levels. El Puente High School offers a high-quality alternative setting for students to either get back to the comprehensive high school or be in an academic environment that is smaller, more structured, and can access the 1:1 assistance that many students desire. The district has been very supportive in providing the resources necessary for the continued development of this program.


El Puente High School is now a member of College Board (the organization of the SATs, PSATs, and Advanced Placement courses) and have access to all of the benefits that are available to their comprehensive high school peers. Advanced Placement courses can be accessed at El Puente High School through our online Acellus program.


El Puente High School, along with the comprehensive high school and middle school, participates in the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI).that helps ensure all 6th-12th grade students have access to a systematic baseline of guidance and support as they plan, prepare, and pay for post-secondary education and training.


Staff at El Puente High School embarked on a lengthy application process to be designated as a California Model Continuation High School. Many changes and new programs needed to be developed and successfully operationalized before such a recognition could be awarded by the California Department of Education. These milestones and benchmarks included a full 6-year WASC re-accreditation, A-G course catalogue, dual enrollment opportunities with West Hills Community College, and student support services for the holistic social and emotional health of each student. A visiting team under the aegis of the CDE conducted a visit to the El Puente campus and the CDE officially recognized El Puente High School as a "Model Continuation High School" in the spring of 2022. There are 519 continuation high schools in California serving over 70,000 students. El Puente was one of only 37 continuation high schools across the state to earn the distinction of CDE Model Continuation High School.


El Puente High School was given its re-accreditation notice by the Commission in June, 2021.Having that seal of accreditation on our transcripts and diplomas is another factor that validates the efficacy of our program and signifies that an outside, third-party evaluation process confirmed that El Puente High School meets all of the criteria for a trustworthy, high-quality institution. EPHS is fully accredited through 2027.