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Betty Carmona

Director of Student Services

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Elvida Moya

Special Education Clerk

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1666 Saipan Street
Firebaugh, CA 93622
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559-659-1204 fax
Maria Delgado De Reyes
Migrant Clerk
Dora Chavarria
Migrant Clerk

Parent Portal

For Parent Portal follow this link.
Parent Portal Instructions

You will need the following to setup the Parent Portal Account: Email address (you will need access during setup), Student Verification Number (Provided by the district), Student ID Number and Home Phone Number on record.

Registering for an Account
1. Please visit
A Screenshot of the Aeries SIS Portal Login Page.

2. Please click on the Create New Account link. This will take you through the Registration Process.

3. During this process, please select which Account Type, Parent or Student, you represent.
Step 1 - Select the Account Type Image.

4. Next, you will be prompted for an email address and a password to use for your new account.
Step 2 - Screenshot of Verification Process to confirm your identity.

5. After this  step, an email will be sent to your email address, please click confirm to continue.
6. You will be asked to login on the same page you started at.
Screen shot of Logging in to Parent Portal.
7. The registration process will continue and will ask for the  Student Verification Number (Provided by the district), Student ID Number and Home Phone Number on record for the student you wish to monitor. This will link the student to your account. You can link multiple students at multiple sites.
Screen shot of Student Verification.

 8. The system will ask this question “Which Record Represents You?”. Please select your name from your list. If your information is not on the list, you will need to contact the school to ensure parent information is in Aeries.

Now that the account is created and associated, you  can use the login page to login to the system and view the information about your children.

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