Mission Statement: 2023-2024

Located on this page is our Mission Statement (what we do), our Vision Statement (what is envisioned for the future), and our Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)  of what our students will be able to do after they leave our programs;

FACE Motto:   “Creating a community of learners and changing lives”                

Mission Statement:  FACE is a nurturing, safe, and professional environment that supports educational success and the socio-emotional development of all students. All instructional staff will be highly qualified and caring instructors who are attentive to the educational, cultural, and behavioral needs of students. Parents will be positive, engaged, and supportive members of the school community. Students will be respectful, self-disciplined, and productive citizens.                

Vision statement: The Vision of FACE is to educate and empower all students to become caring, contributing, and productive citizens who can succeed in a 21st century globally-competitive world.

Student Learner Outcomes: Formerly known as Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs), Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) represent what all students should know, understand, and be able to do to become globally competent and successful in today’s society. The SLOs for both El Puente High School and Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult School are:

Effective Communicators who can
    1. Read and comprehend informational materials
    2. Write for informative and creative purposes
    3. Produce oral or written reports involving research
    4. Demonstrate skills involving a variety of technologies
Self-Directed Individuals by
    1. Using effective goal setting strategies
    2. Creating a positive vision for their future through setting achievable goals
    3. Identifying physical, mental and social needs
Critical and Complex Thinkers by
    1. Developing solutions to problems
    2. Applying analytical thinking skills to real life scenarios
    3. Analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating significant concepts
Capable and Responsible Citizens by
    1. Contributing their time, energies and talents to improve the quality of life in our schools, communities, nation and world.
    2. Demonstrating knowledge of human diversity and respect for individual differences.

Firebaugh Alternative Community Education

“Creating a Community of Learners and Changing Lives”