Course Catalog



The course of study at El Puente High School is designed to meet either the reintegration requirements of Firebaugh High School or to graduate from El Puente High School. It is also known that students achieve best under the caring and disciplined guidance of knowledgeable instructors in a safe and supportive environment. Students receive direct instruction in the core subjects of Math, English, Science, and Social Science from itinerant FHS teachers credentialed in their respective subject matter areas. In addition, students are able to participate in other elective classes, and/or retake courses needed to be made up for lost credit through online courses. Courses are articulated with Firebaugh High School to ensure the maximum continuity in our student’s educational experience. All direct, in-person instruction and online courses meet A-G requirements for CSU and UC admissions purposes.


All core curricular materials are approved by the FLDUSD Board of Trustees. Annual audits of adopted curriculum ensure sufficiency of instructional materials according to the Williams Settlement compliance mandate (California's duty to provide every public school student with instructional materials, safe and decent school facilities, and qualified teachers).