El Puente High School is Recognized as a Model Continuation High School!

The California Department of Education (CDE) in cooperation with the California Continuation Education Association (CCEA) recognizes continuation high schools across the State of California for exemplary practices that serve high-risk youth and other students desiring an alternative placement to complete their high school diploma. This formal recognition is the Model Continuation High School (MCHS) Recognition. The FLDUSD district office and EPHS staffs were officially notified by the CDE on February 10, 2022.
According to the CDE, "There are over 430 continuation high schools serving 78,000 students throughout the state, ages sixteen through eighteen, who have not graduated from high school and who were at risk of not completing their education. The MCHS Recognition Program is a collaborative partnership between the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California Continuation Education Association Plus (CCEA Plus). The program honors continuation high schools for the comprehensive services they provide at-promise youth through instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, guidance, and counseling. Not only does this involve operating and supporting their own exemplary program, but MCHS-recognized educators (are able to) support and mentor their peers in other local educational agencies. The MCHS were selected based on a comprehensive application process that involved assessments and data. The process included a peer review panel and on-site visit. This year’s visits were conducted virtually due to the pandemic."
The schools selected as MCHS retain their designation for three years and will be recognized at the 2022 CCEA Plus State Conference in Long Beach, CA on May 5-8, 2022.
Congratulations to all of the EPHS staff, teachers, students, and parents for their continued commitment to the mission and vision of El Puente High School. Appreciation also goes to the FLDUSD District Office and Board of Trustees for their support of this program that is so vital to the parents and students of the community of Firebaugh that are seeking a safe, high-quality institution as an alternative the the comprehensive high school. 
https://www.cde.ca.gov/nr/ne/yr22/yr22rel09.asp Source: California Department of Education