Confidential Counseling through Prodigy Healthcare, Inc.

Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified School District recently approved a contract with Prodigy Healthcare Inc. Prodigy Healthcare provides many different types of counseling designed to meet the needs of students and their families including substance abuse, anger management, life skills, gang redirection, and parenting assistance.
According to Prodigy Healthcare, their mission is to "provide comprehensive services to help young adults and their families achieve and maintain a healthy, productive lifestyle including substance abuse recovery, behavioral health services and after school programming. We guide young adults toward a life of excellence, leadership and service. Young adults are taught responsibility, accountability, life skills, social skills and work ethic, while receiving an equal blend of therapeutic and clinical services. Prodigy Healthcare, Inc. serves youth and their families through evidence-based programming designed to promote pro-social behavior and healthy lifestyles".
There is a confidential referral link on their website: where students and parents can reach-out to the Prodigy Healthcare team.
The team of clinicians are certified and qualified.  According to Prodigy Healthcare Inc., "Every single team member of Prodigy Healthcare Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality of counseling services available to all adolescents and their families. Prodigy Healthcare Inc. counselors are registered or certified with one of eight state approved accrediting agencies for substance abuse counseling certification".
Again, these services are free and confidential. Prodigy Healthcare professionals will be in Firebaugh weekly so there is no need to travel to an out-of-town location.
As we emerge from the isolation and stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, students and their families will now have additional resources which they can access that will allow them to heal, recover, and thrive.