Find Your Purpose!

Many seem to believe that purpose arises from your special gifts and sets you apart from other people—but that’s only part of the truth. It also grows from our connection to others, which is why a crisis of purpose is often a symptom of isolation. Once you find your path, you’ll almost certainly find others traveling along with you, hoping to reach the same destination—a community. Our motto at FACE is "Creating a community of learners and changing lives". The COVID-19 pandemic permeated every aspect of life, and that included social isolation, isolation from loved ones, and a barrier to doing those things that we used to enjoy. We are now beyond the pandemic malaise and we owe it to ourselves to strive for those things that are rewarding to us.
Education can help you pursue a purpose driven life. It is a goal to achieve that will eventually lead to a higher sense of purpose.
Goals, like buying a house or getting a better job, yield a sense of achievement and are essential to living the life you desire. Purpose, however, takes those goals to an even higher level and will help you realize you are making progress. Progress is a catalyst for happiness.  So if you’re asking yourself, “What is my purpose?,” what you’re also asking for is progress - for a greater sense of fulfillment and a happy, abundant life. And, fulfillment isn’t a luxury or leisure activity – it’s a necessity.
If you are seeking that high school diploma that was not completed earlier in life, you can finish it at Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult School and further realize your sense of purpose. It can be a launching pad for progress throughout your life. Give us a call today at (559) 659-3899.
Find your purpose!