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Adult Education

Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult School continues to expand after the COVID-19 restriction, in both enrollment and course opportunities/availability. Enrollment is open again for in-person instruction this year in all programs (ESL Civics participation, ESL Citizenship Preparation, and the high school diploma program). Classes are offered three mornings per week and four evenings per week. Co-enrollment opportunities are developing with West Hills Community College for ESL Digital Literacy. Check the FACE website for news updates regarding this program expansion for 2021-2022.

The number of adult education students enrolled in the high school diploma program has maintained throughout the pandemic. Last year, a record number of 16 students graduated with their WASC-accredited high school diploma!

There are many reasons why enrollments in Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult School have increased pre-pandemic, and are now rising again. All three teachers live in the community of Firebaugh and use community networking efforts to advertise the program. Mr. Anderson, the administrator who oversees the Adult Education program, is also a community member and promotes the program. Finally, word-of-mouth recommendations from adults who are satisfied with our program help bring in even more adults.

Firebaugh-Las Deltas Adult School has submitted its full self-study report for WASC re-accreditation. The Visiting Committee will review our program in November, 2021, and will make their recommendation of accreditation term to the Accrediting Commission. It is expected that our new 6-year term will be announced in April, 2022.

 Our Adult Education program is necessary for our community to be able to access workforce opportunities. There is a need to align program content and accreditation with the state’s industry sector needs so as to provide California’s employers and businesses with the skilled workforce necessary to compete in the global economy. Workforce and education programs need to be accessible for all Californians, Firebaugh residents especially, and ensure that everyone has access to a marketable set of skills and is able to access the level of education necessary to get unsubsidized in-demand jobs that ensures both long-term economic self-sufficiency and economic security. The district’s support of this program is commendable.